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Hi im jeff...I am 22 and im irish. I grew up in bham and I left my home in ireland when I was 3 then i left bham in june and came up here to get away from my parents. I like numerous things too many to list all at once until I think about it. I am very open minded, I love to talk...I talk too much sometimes whether its online or on the phone or in person. In a conversation I tend to listen what the other person says, I am a great listener and I never get bored of it lol. Im a sweet caring person with the love I want to give my love to someone that would mean alot to me. I love to make people laugh whether I am making fun of myself or something else going on around me at the time but really I want to find someone that is sweet and honest and loyal knows what he actually wants in life and would want to be in a committed relationship....A ltr. I am not that type of guy that would break somebody's heart ,whoever that may be. Honestly I am just looking for someone that would want the same thing. I am not superficial or stereotypical or shallow. I dont judge anybody on looks, a person's personality I think is important. So send me a message if you'd like. Take Care!
Music: Mostly anything but country and rap. Evanescence is by far my favorite band, Slipknot, Disturbed, Lacuna Coil, and surely of course others but im not going to name all of them.
TV: House, The Simpsons, Tabitha's Salon Takeover, Family Guy, South Park, BBC America, Hell's Kitchen, Discovery Channel, History Channel, NatGeo, Discovery Health, TLC
Interests: I like to go out and hang out with friends, go out to eat or out to the movies, go bowling, play pool, swim, take walks, listen to music, railfanning, or staying home cuddled up and watch a movie.
Movies: I like movies from the classics to some of today's movies that are worth watching to see. Mostly comedy, drama, suspense, horror...I dont like action movies....
BestFeatures: My eyes, lips, smile
Dreams: Hopefully to get out of this state and to find my life partner.

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